Digital Liberalism is the personal weblog of Stas Verberkt. It contains fiction and articles concerning democracy and liberalism in the digital world as well as the scientific world of information security. Stas is a security strategy and risk consultant with Accenture Security and has a MSc in information security from the Kerckhoffs Institute. Posts are both in English and Dutch.

Today’s world is rapidly becoming a digital world, in the sense that the amount of borders between the physical and the digital world decreases very fast. This leaves all sorts of interesting issues for society, whether this concerns security, privacy or democracy. These are the things I like to think and write about.

Besides being an information security specialist, I chair the platform for digital affairs of a Dutch national political party. In this position, I try to find bridges between technical know-how and political ideals. For me, this is the ideal position to bring computer science to life in the real world.

In the past, I have worked on open source projects, such as KDE, and as commercial software engineer. During my time as a student, I have been vice-chairman of the University Council and member of one of the faculty councils at the University of Twente. Finally, I have been an intern with IBM Nederland.

For further information, you can take a look at an excerpt of my curriculum vitae. It is also possible to contact me.